Warranty service of a facility is provided free of charge during the warranty period. This applies to hidden defects not related to normal wear and tear, intentional or accidental actions, which caused damage to the work results. Warranty works are carried out in the shortest possible time after the written request of the Customer. At the end of the production of warranty work both parties sign an act of closure of comments.

Warranty does not include planned routine …

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Routine maintenance refers to the engineering structures of the building, and includes the following services:

• boilers maintenance;
• ventilation equipment maintenance;
• pool equipment maintenance;
• water treatment system maintenance;
• gas equipment maintenance;
• fireguard systems maintenance;
• backup diesel generator maintenance;
• elevators and lifting equipment …

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facility management

ENDEKA SERVICE provides management services to both  to the facilities constructed by us, and to other commercial and residential buildings.

Property Management includes:

• legal support related to the conclusion of the treaty and public service contracts;

• Construction work on the additional facility improvement;

• budget planning;

• organization of a system of reporting to …

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facility management
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